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Reuse and repurpose by design

second life

Our goal is for every NIRMI to have not just a long and fulfilling life, but multiple lives.

Therefore, every NIRMI baby carrier is made in limited quantities from extremely robust and durable , regionally produced, biodegradable natural materials such as linen denim and wool felt. We achieve resource conservation through a single, monochrome, growing model for the entire wearing time - the NIRMI Pure.

Reuse is very important at NIRMI, which is why we offer demonstrators, shooting stretchers and return stretchers after cleaning and quality control as discounted used stretchers .

We are working on a return program so that every NIRMI can also provide other families with beautiful wearing moments.

We have also come up with great upcycling accessories with impact, so that leftover fabrics can also be turned into great products and NIRMIs that are returned after their wearing life can have a second life .

Apart from that, you can return your NIRMI at any time within the first 2 weeks of receiving your package without giving any reason. You can find information about this under the revocation section.

Segunda vida


Segunda vida