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Impact Patch „Matyó Flowers“

Sale price€50,42 EUR

Impact Patch "Matyó Flowers"

Unique hand-embroidery created by textile artisan women of the Matyó community in Tard, Hungary, in collaboration with Matyodesign. Matyo embroidery is a distinct form of hand embroidery that has been kept alive for almost 200 years by the women of the Matyo communities in northeastern Hungary. In 2012, Matyo embroidery, with its main motif being the peony, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Each of our patches is embroidered by one of the 35 women from Tard who are keeping the Matyo embroidery tradition alive.

✔️ Each patch is handmade and unique. The pattern may therefore differ slightly from the one shown here

✔️ Change the design of your NIRMI and do good with it

Impact Patch „Matyó Flowers“
Impact Patch „Matyó Flowers“ Sale price€50,42 EUR