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Rebozo "Castanea"

Sale price€105,88 EUR

Immerse yourself in the Mexican Rebozo tradition with our "Castanea" Rebozo. Its color combination is natural, earthy and warm. Handcrafted from wine red and beige threads that together create a chestnut brown color. The natural, elaborately hand-knotted fringes are typical of a Rebozo.

Our Rebozo accompanies you from pregnancy until long after the birth. It offers support for your baby bump and is ideal for Rebozo massages during pregnancy and birth. After the birth, you can continue to use it as a sling to carry your baby on one shoulder with carrying rings (not included) or a knot. Or simply as a wonderfully cozy scarf.

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Handwoven in traditional plain weave, therefore particularly light, robust and durable
  • Cuddly soft and gets even softer over time
  • Ethical production: Handwoven on a pedal loom by textile artists in Oaxaca, Mexico. Your purchase supports local community projects as well as midwifery work in rural areas of Mexico through our partner ANTAMA .

Grammage: 230 g/m2

Country: Mexico

Textile technology: Handwoven on a pedal loom in Oaxaca, Mexico

Artisan: by ANTAMA

Material: 100% cotton

Size: depending on variant 260/270/280/300/310 cm (+fringes) x 68-75 cm (length x width)

NIRMI Rebozo "Castanea" by Antama
Rebozo "Castanea" Sale price€105,88 EUR

What is a Rebozo?

The rebozo is a classic Mexican garment that has its origins in the Mesoamerican community. The word "rebozo" derives from the Spanish word "rebozar," which means "to wrap."

Rebozos come in different lengths and widths, but they all have some kind of beautiful pattern and fringes in common. They are usually between 1.5 and 3 m long.

They are therefore suitable as a scarf, for the Rebozo massage during and after pregnancy and as a ring sling for carrying babies.

Mexican midwives have used the rebozo for centuries to help women during pregnancy, labor, and after birth - and beyond.

Depending on the region they come from, rebozos have different colors and textures and different status in the community where they are used.

Empowered Woman Rebozo


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