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Sale price€378,13 EUR

✔️ One model for the entire wearing time

✔️ Fits from birth to toddler age (3.5-15 kg/ dress size approx. 50-98/ 0-3 years)

✔️ Ergonomic position (“squat spread posture”) of the baby thanks to the steplessly adjustable seat width

✔️ Grows in height by turning the hip belt

✔️ Front and back carrying possible

✔️ No sucking on plastic: 100% linen fabric, wool felt padding, cotton webbing

✔️ Fairly made in Europe

✔️ Complies with EU standard EN13209:2015

Includes Impact Patch Cancuc (Mexico)

The patch "Cancuc" is handwoven by women from the group "Jalab Antsetik" from San Juan Cancuc (Mexico) using the complex and unique "Maya brocade" technique. Using the traditional backstrap loom, which consists of sticks, ropes and a strap, the women slowly weave the fabric over the course of several weeks and at the same time work in extra weft threads, from which the traditional pattern from Cancuc is made. 

✔️ Each patch is handmade and unique. The pattern may therefore differ slightly from the one shown here

✔️ Change the design of your NIRMI and do good with it!

Nirmi Babytrage Babycarrier Patch Cancuc Mexico
Baby carrier NIRMI Pure with Impact Patch Cancuc (Mexico) Sale price€378,13 EUR